“EdgeHaul Millimeter Wave Gigabit Transport featuring a Telepresence 5G Application”

InterDigital (IDCC) presented its 5G millimeter wave technologies, including EdgeHaul – a platform for 60GHz Transport. EdgeHaul is a solution for gigabit connectivity for today’s applications such as small cell backhaul, residential broadband, and carrier WiFi cable extension. But it’s also a development platform for the emerging 5G challenges that will demand low latency and multi-gigabit dense networking. To highlight the need to low-latency / high datarate Transport, we will demonstrate a wireless telepresence connection utilizing EdgeHaul. EdgeHaul’s software is built with an SDN framework making it suitable for flexible configurations for network slicing and multi-tenant support. The platform is planned to be extended to support multiplexed fronthaul traffic, and integrated with the 5G-Crosshaul technologies in the near future.