5G-Crosshaul partners Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Interdigital, Ericsson, CND, NEC and Nokia run the Demo “FRONTHAUL AND BACKHAUL TRAFFIC OVER 5G-CROSSHAUL DATA PLANE” in 5TONIC laboratory.

This integrated demo interconnects different transport technologies carrying backhaul traffic, fronthaul traffic and both in one network, which demonstrates the 5G-Crosshaul data plane technologies developed in the project. The traffic of backhaul and fronthaul for different functional splits are multiplexed and/or aggregated via XPFE and XCSE. In particular, two types of mmWave-based transport solutions are examined in this experiment, including backhaul/fronthaul (PDCP-RLC split) multiplexing with EdgeLink, and a mmWave interface incorporated with fast forwarding techniques handling fronthaul traffic with MAC-PHY splits. The traffic of two types of transport links are independently fed into the XCSE with physically separate ports. On the other hand, compressed and packetized fronthaul (CPFH) is applied to reduce bandwidth requirement of fronthaul traffic with a PHY-RF split. Also, backhaul traffic for a LTE eNodeB is considered. The multiplexed backhaul/fronthaul traffic is injected into a XCSE and integrated switch, which passes the traffic to BBU for lower-layer split (CPRI and CPFH), BBU for upper-layer split, and EPC in accordance to the functional split profile. An Integrated transport network that multiplex traffics with multiple functional splits is demonstrated, and performance metrics such as latency jitter and throughput are measured.

Key innovations:

  • 5G Fronthaul (Upper and Lower Layer Splits)
  • Multi-Layered Crosshaul Transport (Circuit and Packet)
  • Fiber-like Low Latency mmWave Wireless Crosshaul Transport

5G-Crosshaul partners CTTC, NEC and CND presented a demo at IEEE NFV-SDN 2017

In the context of #Berlin5GWeek, 5G-Crosshaul partners CTTC, NEC and CND presented the demo “Resource Management in a Hierarchically Controlled Multi-domain Wireless/Optical Integrated Fronthaul and Backhaul Network” at the IEEE NFV-SDN’17 conference. This demo features several key concepts of 5G-Crosshaul project, namely,  an application interacts with a hierarchichal XCI deployment to orchestrate resources in an E2E transport network including different network domains and different transport technologies (mmWave, Wi-Fi, optical) to deploy an LTE service combining fronthaul and backhaul traffic profile.

5G-Crosshaul at WWRF

5G-Crosshaul project has held its final workshop on 19 October at WWRF39 meeting in Barcelona. Key results from the project were shared by various speakers with particular emphasis on the final experimentations underway. Speakers were from InterDigital, CTTC, Nextworks, Telefonica, UC3M and I2CAT.

The workshop was co-organized by CTTC and InterDigital.

5G-Crosshaul Plenary Meeting in Madrid

The 5G-Crosshaul, The integrated fronthaul/backhaul, part of the European H2020 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP) Infrastructure, held a Plenary Meeting in Madrid on the 18th and 19th of September, 2017.

The 2 days meeting in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has more than 50 experts from the 20 consortium members (leading telecom industry vendors, operators, IT companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and academic institutions) attending to share their visions and opinions in order to advance in the project objectives, milestones and deliverables.


5G-Crosshaul at EuCNC2017

Antonio de la Oliva,  5G-Crosshaul Deputy C oordinator and Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, is interviewed  on  preliminary achievements and next steps of the 5G PPP “5G-Crosshaul” project at EuCNC2017 in Oulu, Finland, by the Euro-5G & To-Euro-5G projects.