5G-Crosshaul at EuCNC2017

Antonio de la Oliva,  5G-Crosshaul Deputy C oordinator and Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, is interviewed  on  preliminary achievements and next steps of the 5G PPP “5G-Crosshaul” project at EuCNC2017 in Oulu, Finland, by the Euro-5G & To-Euro-5G projects.


5G-Crosshaul at Taipei 5G Summit

Arturo Azcorra, full professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Institute IMDEA Networks director and one of the leading European experts in the fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G), had been invited by the 5G Office of the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan to participate in the 4th Taipei 5G Summit “The Power of New Radio & Edge Intelligence”.

Arturo Azcorra, 5G-Crosshaul coordinator, presented 5G-Crosshaul Architecture, a key element of the 5G architecture at a global level that has being developed in this European project and is the basis of two other European projects: 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL.

The guest speaker program places Dr. Azcorra with other world 5G communications experts such as Dr. Ali Sadri, Senior Director of Intel, Pearse O’Donohue, Acting Director of Future Networks at DG Connect and Luis Jorge Romero, Director of ETSI.

Arturo Azcorra has an important role in European decision-making bodies working on the design of advanced next generation communication systems. He is Chairman of the European Technology Platform NetWorld2020 Expert Group, Member of the Board and Member of the Vision Group within the Infrastructure Partnership 5G, Vice President of 5TONIC Lab and Director of IMDEA Networks. The Institute is an associate member of the 5G PPP, an association that Azcorra helped to found, having been a member of its board during its initial period (2013-2015).

The fourth edition of the Taipei 5G summit took place in Taiwan the 12th and 13th of September 2017, in conjunction with the 21st World Information Technology Congress (WCIT). The summit introduced the current global 5G status and the development on Edge Computing, by bringing in notable industry specialists to share their vision on Edge Intelligence and the roadmap to 5G. In addition to how edge computing and applications will be enhanced in the 5G era, there was a stimulating panel discussion on topics as Automotive applications, IIoT, 5G Access, and how 5G collaboration with European standard institutes can contribute to realizing Edge Intelligence.

CLEEN´17 Joint Demo Flex5Gware and 5G-Crosshaul

Turin, June 21-22, 2017

Joint Demo at Flex5Gware Final Event: “Network split with integrated fronthaul and backhaul”

The CLEEN’17 workshop demo has shown that the 5G-Crosshaul XPFEs are capable of transporting fronthaul and backhaul traffic generated by the Flex5GWare scenario. A video server located in the EPC machine streamed video to the UE, this traffic was encapsulated, forwarded, decapsulated and delivered within the LENA scenario (L2 and above) and also transported to the LTE transmitter (L1) that runs different functional splits showing the energy consumption in real time.


Workshop at EuCNCN 2017: New x-haul solutions for the 5G transport challenge

Oulu, Finland, 12 June @ 9:00-12:30: Room IT116

5G-Crosshaul co-organised a Workshop at EuCNC: New x-haul solutions for the 5G transport challenge


Jörg-Peter Elbers (ADVA, Germany)
Eckhard Grass (IHP, Germany)
Antonio de la Oliva (Univ.Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Motivation and Background

Future Radio Access Networks (RAN) call for transport networks with unprecedented flexibility and performance. Stringent requirements on bandwidth, latency, and timing as well as the mandatory support of heterogeneous technologies and different functional splits create the necessity for next-generation x-haul solutions. The workshop will discuss 5G transport challenges and new solutions developed within the Horizon2020 projects iCirrus, 5G-Crosshaul and 5G-XHaul.

IEEE ComSoc Webinar: SDN/NFV – Time for Real Innovations

May 23, 2017 @  11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time


  • Josep Matrat , Telecom and Media Market Manager, Atos R&D Spain
  • Artur Hecker, Director of Future Network Technologies, European Research Center of Huawei Technologies
  • Antonio de la Oliva, Associate Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  • Dirk Trossen, Senior Principal Engineer, InterDigital Europe

For more information and registration click here.

5G-Crosshaul co-organised 5G PPP Workshop on 5G Architecture and RAN Integration

London, March 30-31 @ 5G PPP Workshop on 5G Architecture and RAN Integration

5G-Crosshaul co-organised a Workshop for sharing, discussing, debating relevant aspects of 5G system architecture and integration of multiple radio access technologies (RAT) at the RAN and beyond. Among other topics:

  • Multi-connectivity, multi-RAT & multi-service aspects
  • Network slicing, virtualization and flexible RAN design
  • System integration and deployment considerations

5G PPP Workshop on 5G Architecture and RAN Integration