November 2016

  • 5G Crosshaul: mmW Integrated Fronthaul and Backhaul (for 5G Global Event)
  • Energy monitoring and management for network paths (for 5G Global Event)
  • SDN-based TV Broadcasting Service (for 5G Global Event)
  • Silicon Photonic Reconfigurable Add Drop Multiplexer for Crosshaul networks (for 5G Global Event)
  • Next Generation Frounthaul Interface over LED-based Optical Wireless Link

September 2016

    • 5TONIC Testbed

      • 5G Berlin testbed
      • CTTC testbed

    • ITRI Testbed

    • High Speed Train (ITRI)

    • mmWave integrated FH/BH (Interdigital-HHI-CND-5GBerlin)

      • Hierarchical SDN control of wireless/optical networks (CTTC)

    • Deterministic Latency Switch 5G-Crosshaul – 5TONIC (TEI)

    • Energy monitoring per network paths and tenants (NXW/POLITO)

  • Functional split w.optics (CND-HHI)
  • CPRI over Wireless link (EBLINK-HHI)

June 2016

  • EUCNC’16 demonstration Fronthaul Compression, Athens, Greece
  • EUCNC’16 demonstration RRU/BBU functional split with an Ethernet-based fronthaul, Athens, Greece
  • EUCNC’16 demonstration Optical Wireless Link: Low-cost short-range optical backhaul, Athens, Greece
  • EUCNC’16 video demonstration of High Speed Train Testbed in Taiwan, Athens, Greece

April 2016

  • 2nd ONF PoC on SDN for Mobile Wireless

Febrary 2016

  • Demos at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
    • EdgeHaul Millimeter Wave Gigabit Transport featuring a Telepresence 5G Application
    • “Hierarchical SDN Orchestration of Wireless and Optical Networks”
    • mmWave backhaul
    • OpenEPC is connected to a real LTE cell that standard smartphones connect to

December 2015

  • Video demonstration at Globecom, San Diego, USA

October 2015