5G-Crosshaul project will be present at the 5G PPP booth alongside METIS II, 5G-NORMA and FANTASTIC5G, to show a demo on the control plane for 5G transport networks. In the demo, a multi-domain multi-technology (optical and wireless) infrastructure will be emulated. However, the control of this infrastructure will be through an actual/real control plane software. So, you can see the message flows for setting up end-to-end paths in a simple way through the underlying multi-domain multi-technology infrastructure.

Time and Venue
October 20 10:00 – October 22 15:30
The ICT 2015 event will take place at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa (CCL) in Lisbon, Portugal.

ICT2015 5GPPP Booth 5G-Crosshaul demo