# Month Description Leading Partner
6 Jul´17 Enabling Multi-Tenancy in 5G Transport Networks through Network Slicing”, by X. Li, R. Casellas, G. Landi, A. de la Oliva, X. Costa, A. Garcia-Saavedra, T. Deiß, L. Cominardi, R. Vilalta, accepted by IEEE Communications Magazine, series May 2017/5G Network Slicing NEC, CTTC, NXW, UC3M, NOKIA, IDCC
5 Jun´17 “Advertisement Delivery and Display in Vehicular Networks”, by F. Malandrino, C.-F. Chiasserini, and M. Sereno, accepted by IEEE Magazine on Vehicular Technology POLITO
4 Jul´16 “5G-Crosshaul: An SDN/NFV Integrated Fronthaul/Backhaul Transport Network Architecture”, by X. Costa-Pérez, A. Garcia-Saavedra, X. Li, A. de la Oliva, P. Iovanna, T. Deiß, A, di Giglio, and A. Mourad, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 1, Feb. 2017. NEC, UC3M, TEI, NOKIA, TI, IDCC
 3  Mar´16 The CTTC 5G end-to-end experimental platform. Integrating heterogeneous wireless/optical networks, distributed cloud, and IoT devices“, R. Muñoz et al., IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.  CTTC
2  Feb´16 An Overview of the CPRI Specification and Its Application to C-RAN Based LTE Scenarios”, by A. Oliva, J.A. Hernández, D. Larrabeiti, and A. Azcorra, at IEEE Communications Magazine.  UC3M
 1  Nov´15 Xhaul: Towards an Integrated Fronthaul/Backhaul Architecture in 5G Networks”, accepted for publication at IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Special Issue on “Smart Backhauling and Fronthauling for 5G Networks”.  NEC,