# Month SDO Description Leading Partner
1 Oct’15 ONF White Paper on Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept, 09 October 2015, ONF website. TI, NEC, EAB, UC3M
2 Oct’15 FSAN Presentation on “Mobile evolution and impact on optical access network”, at the FSAN workshop, October 2015, Atlanta, USA. ORANGE
3 Oct’15 BBF Presentation on “Assessing the Evolution of Cloud RAN with the Support of Fibre”, BroadBand World Forum, 22-25 October 2015, London, UK. ORANGE
4 Nov’15 IEEE Presentation on “NEC Vision and R&D activities towards 5G” at IEEE 5G Summit, Toronto, Canada, 14. November 2015. NEC
5 Nov’15 3GPP Presentation promoting 5G-Crosshaul concept at the 3GPP Asia summit in Taipei, 15 November 2015. ITRI
6 Nov’15 IEEE Presentation on 5G-Crosshaul architecture and research related to Mobile Edge Cloud at the IEEE pre-industrial workshop on Mobile Edge Cloud, New Jersey (USA), 16 November 2015. IDCC
7 Nov’15 BBF Presentation in BBF 5G BoF Session on “Small Cell Forum & Mobile Edge Computing”, Broadband Forum, 16 November 2015. NEC
8 Dec’15 NGMN Presentation “5G Technologies: An introduction”, NGMN IPR Forum workshop on 5G Technologies, Vienna, Austria, 11 December 2015. IDCC
9 Mar’16 ETSI Presentation of 5G-Crosshaul, ETSI MEC ISG #17 meeting, Madrid, Spain, 17 March 2016. Telefonica
10 Mar’16 ETSI Presentation on Network Throughput measurements, 17 March 2016. Telefonica
11 Mar’16 NGMN Presentation “5G-Crosshaul Project Overview”, NGMN Forum Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, 15 March 2016. IDCC
12 Apr’16 ETSI Poster “5G-Crosshaul project” at ETSI workshop (5G from myth to reality), Sophia-Antipolis, France, April 2016. IDCC
13 May’16 ITU-T Presentation “Introduction to the 5G-Crosshaul project” at ITU-T meeting, Beijing, China. IDCC
14 May’16 ETSI Presentation “Standardization Roadmap for the 5G Integrated Fronthaul and Backhaul” at ETSI workshop (5G from research to standardization), Sophia-Antipolis, France, May 2016. IDCC
15 May’16 ONF Contribution to the Technical Recommendation TR-528 “Mapping Cross Stratum Orchestration (CSO) to the SDN Architecture”. CTTC
16 May’16 IEEE Contribution to SDN chapter for IEEE 802.1cf UC3M
17 Jul´16 5GPPP 5G PPP Architecture Working Group White paper “View on 5G Architecture” NEC
 18 Jan´17 5GPPP 5G-PPP vision white paper at MWC 2017 “5G innovations for new business opportunities” TEI
19 Mar´17 5GPPP 5GPPP Network Management & Quality of Service Working Group – Cognitive Network Management for 5G POLITO
20 Apr´17 ETSI ETSI White Paper “Crosshauling – The convergence of fronthaul and backhaul through softwarization and virtualization”, submitted for ETSI internal review (expected for release in September 2017) UC3M, IDCC
21 Jun´17 ONF ONF mobile networks WG White Paper – “SDN-Based Network Architecture for 3GPP 5G” (expected for release in December 2017) UC3M